Zabbix 2.0 – Reloaded

May 22nd 2012 will be forever in the Zabbix history like the moment when the project hit a higher point of maturity and stability.

With this new version, came a new Release Policy making Zabbix more reliable for large environments. In Minor Versions, no new features, no changes in database structure, bug fixing only focus. Planning for release a Major Version every 9 months.

A great improvement in Development is the Zero Bug Policy which all bugs (stable, trunk) are treated with the highest priority. The goal is keep no open bugs.

In this new era, I wish Zabbix: Live long and prosper

Server Improvements

  • Performance improvements using cached data
  • Much faster processing of escalations
  • Database integrity
  • Support of SQLite3 for use on server-side
  • Not supported items are handled nicely by Proxies

Monitoring/Collection Improvements

  • Low level discovery
  • Multiple network interfaces
  • WEB monitoring by proxies
  • Automatic filling of DNS name for discovered devices
  • Added direct SNMP trap monitoring
  • Automatic collection of host profile data
  • Support of vm.memory.size
  • Enhanced auto-discovery
  • Remote commands (Agent, IPMI and SSH based) can be configured in a more flexible yet easier way
  • Remote JMX monitoring
  • Boolean data type can be used for monitoring of two state metrics and JMX counters having boolean type
  • Auto-registration with passive checks
  • Nanosecond resolution for historical data
  • Support of user scripts on Zabbix Agent and IPMI-based commands

Frontend Improvements

  • New set of default templates
  • Support of visible host and template name
  • Better translation framework for WEB interface
  • Host profiles were renamed to a more standard “host inventory”
  • Unified host profiles
  • Re-design of unknown events and triggers
  • Custom trigger severities
  • Templated host-level screens
  • Optional graph legends
  • New login screen
  • New design for all configuration forms
  • Export of events to CSV
  • Advanced filtering supported by Zabbix API
  • Support of disabling media types
  • More flexible dependencies from template to host
  • Added support for {IPADDRESS}, {HOST.DNS} and {HOST.CONN} macros in trigger names
  • Support of automatic selection of map icons
  • Optional expanding of macros in map editing
  • Added new option in map configuration which enables macros expanding
  • New set of map icons is available for creation of great looking maps
  • Multiple URLs for map elements
  • Advanced labels setting for maps
  • Remembering of map grid options
  • Host area functionality for maps
  • All host group elements can be displayed in a map area

See the complete Release Notes

3 Responses to “ “Zabbix 2.0 – Reloaded”

  1. jrprado says:

    Ricardo, atualmente tenho em produção o Zabbix 1.8.11 com MySQL com as tabelas events, history_log, history, history_text, history_uint, trends e trends_uint particionadas. Você sabe me informar se terei algum problema na migração para 2.0? Funciona o particionamento do mesmo modo no 2.0?

    Desde já agradeço sua colaboração.

  2. Thiago says:

    Olá Ricardo,
    Você sabe informar se o partition table para MySQL funciona nesta versão?

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