Queue Explained

Queue’s page is one of essential indicators to measure the performance of Server/Proxy on collect data.

But the numbers can be a little hard to understand. Let’s try make it easy:

Imagine that the last check from an item occurred at 11:05:00. It’s configured to check each 3 minutes (180 seconds delay), then the next check should be made ​​at 11:08:00.

Something happened (like Zabbix Proxy was down)  and this item was not checked at 11:08:00.

If the clock is now 11:09:10, this item is delayed 70 seconds, then it would appear in the column “1 minute”.

According to the image below, in the 5th line:

  • 457 items are delayed between 5 and 10 seconds (x>=5 and x<10)
  • 12 items are delayed between 10 and 30 seconds (x>=10 and x<30)
  • 3 items are delayed between 1 and 5 minutes (x>=60 and x<300)
  • 1 item is delayed between 5 and 10 minutes (x>=300 and x<600)

4 Responses to “ “Queue Explained”

  1. ervin says:

    is there any configurations that may cause this problems?such as zabbix trappers or probes in zabbix config file?

  2. Bruno says:

    Great site man =)

    I’ve started with Zabbix last month and I really liked it.

    I’m also from Brazil hehe


  3. Ali Islam says:

    Very Great Site!
    How to I get the Queue NOT to build up??
    Its so irritating…
    Please advise the cures and medicine for this decease 😉

  4. hamid says:

    when i set some items with flexible intervals they are summed on zabbix Queue like items with some delay .
    assume we have set items with the following configurations:
    delay 300 , 1-7,23:50-23:56
    delay 300 , 1-7,11:50-11:56
    this item bring on Queue item with delay of more than 10minutes but it’s not true till next check .
    I think that it’s a bug and it’s not true

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