MySQL database is the most used for Zabbix

In March 2011, I create a poll in Zabbix Forum with this question:

It received 92 votes and MySQL was the most voted with 71.74% followed by PostgreSQL with 21.74%

Personally I found many problems with Oracle 11g when reach more than 1000 nvps (new values per second).

My results with MySQL was very good reaching more than 3500 nvps.

Unfortunately I still could not test PostgreSQL, but there are many positive posts in Forum.

And you, which database are you using?

5 Responses to “ “MySQL database is the most used for Zabbix”

  1. Currently using Mysql & Percona Server, but have had good results in the past using PostgreSql

  2. Angelo says:

    Tried with Mysql first on a 32 bit machine, then moved on Postgres on the new 64 bit one.

    Using Postgresql 8.4 on a 100+ nvps setup, db size is 20 GB overall.
    I’m experiencing incredible lags when doing housekeeping since the DB is not partitioned.

    I’m thinking to move back to MySQL in order to do partitioning in a easier way.

  3. Sean says:

    I’ve been using PostgreSQL 9.2 (officially released today) and it performs substantially better than MySQL. Currently running with ~400GB of telemetry data. Especially on FreeBSD with ZFS and lzjb compression enabled. MySQL has historically had problems with large numbers of rows.

  4. Jem says:

    What the most effective way to backup MySQL Database? I’ve seen the ZRM but the enterprise version is not free. Is there a free GUI utility to backup the database?

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