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One day in Zabbix HQ

I had the opportunity to stay for one day inside Zabbix HQ (Riga, Latvia) before the Zabbix Conference 2012 and I would like to share some impressions. Zabbix Office is located in a large office building, only 15 minutes far from downtown Riga. According to Alexei, CEO of Zabbix SIA, the decision about the place is to improve the quality of life of employees reducing transportation time. The reception was very good, even though I am from a different culture (brazilian), they made ​​me feel me home, like I was part of that team. People work very focused on their...
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Zabbix on Social Media

I always dreamed of seeing the Zabbix spreading in all social networks, because it’s fundamental for an Open Source project. Is very difficult bring some serious TI guys to this social world, but this tools can be very powerful when wisely used. Finally Zabbix annunciated in February’s Newsletter the Zabbix page on Facebook: Over 1100 people follow the Zabbix on Twitter: Linkedin also has an expressive Zabbix Group with 643 members:...
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