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Partitioning Tables on Zabbix 1.8

Many performance problems on Zabbix are related to the database and it became visible only when we have thousands of items. On another side, we have to handle enormous tables and it makes impossible operational routines like housekeeping and backup. Use all information and scripts at your own risk. Make backups! My suggestion is disable housekeeping and to partition some tables based on clock, an unix timestamp field. If you wanna know more about partitioning access the MySQL Reference Manual – Partitioning Overview.   The Concept An easy way to handle partitioning is splitting the...
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History Tables – Housekeeper

First, I recommend to you read about the differences between the history and trends table. Each item on Zabbix can have your own housekeeper value. But this feature turns housekeeping process a performance killer, because delete_history() function executes a DELETE per item every turn. If you have 100k items, 100k DELETE queries will be executed. This can be a big problem using InnoDB engine on MySQL, because DELETE is extremelly slow on large tables and deleted rows doesn’t release space on disk. My proposed and tested solution is disable housekeeping and partitioning some tables. To know...
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