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Backuping Full Database

Dump doesn’t work. If you have huge tables with billions of rows your backup process could become a nightmare, mainly if you need to restore it. This method aims to perform a full backup of a large MySQL database, as Zabbix (any version), focusing on a fast recovery from disaster. So I chose XtraBackup for this task, a backup tool from Percona, which works using the hotcopy mode. First, you need to download and install XtraBackup: XtraBackup offers a lot of parameters, so this script is intented to be the simplest possible. Make sure that...
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MySQL database is the most used for Zabbix

In March 2011, I create a poll in Zabbix Forum with this question: It received 92 votes and MySQL was the most voted with 71.74% followed by PostgreSQL with 21.74% Personally I found many problems with Oracle 11g when reach more than 1000 nvps (new values per second). My results with MySQL was very good reaching more than 3500 nvps. Unfortunately I still could not test PostgreSQL, but there are many positive posts in Forum. And you, which database are you...
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MySQL performance tips for Zabbix

Most of these tips is useful for many application, but I’ll keep focus on Zabbix. Use a Dedicated Server Database is the main bottleneck from Zabbix. Try to use a Dedicated Server for MySQL and make sure that server has great resources (CPU, memory and fast disks). This is the specs for an environment with 3000 values per second: Dell PowerEdge R610 CPU: Intel Xeon L5520 2.27GHz (16 cores) Memory: 24GB RAM Disks: 6x SAS 10k with RAID10 by hardware Create one file per...
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Backuping only the Zabbix Configuration

This script is a simple way to backup all configuration tables (eg. templates, hostgroups, hosts, triggers…) without the history data. If you need do a full backup (history included) I recommend you this post: As the result is very small (around 30 MB), is possible run this backup many times per day. #!/bin/bash # # # v0.2 - 20111105 # # Configuration Backup for Zabbix 1.8 w/MySQL # # Author: Ricardo Santos...
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Partitioning Tables on Zabbix 1.8

Many performance problems on Zabbix are related to the database and it became visible only when we have thousands of items. On another side, we have to handle enormous tables and it makes impossible operational routines like housekeeping and backup. Use all information and scripts at your own risk. Make backups! My suggestion is disable housekeeping and to partition some tables based on clock, an unix timestamp field. If you wanna know more about partitioning access the MySQL Reference Manual – Partitioning Overview.   The Concept An easy way to handle partitioning is splitting the tables...
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