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Backuping Full Database

Dump doesn’t work. If you have huge tables with billions of rows your backup process could become a nightmare, mainly if you need to restore it. This method aims to perform a full backup of a large MySQL database, as Zabbix (any version), focusing on a fast recovery from disaster. So I chose XtraBackup for this task, a backup tool from Percona, which works using the hotcopy mode. First, you need to download and install XtraBackup: XtraBackup offers a lot of parameters, so this script is intented to be the simplest possible. Make sure that...
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Backuping only the Zabbix Configuration

This script is a simple way to backup all configuration tables (eg. templates, hostgroups, hosts, triggers…) without the history data. If you need do a full backup (history included) I recommend you this post: As the result is very small (around 30 MB), is possible run this backup many times per day. #!/bin/bash # # # v0.2 - 20111105 # # Configuration Backup for Zabbix 1.8 w/MySQL # # Author: Ricardo...
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